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You might have not aware about the various new technologies introduce in the web recently, although we are using those new tech web application in our daily routine, but not aware of the term use for this features. This new and updated face of web world enriching our experience. Our applications consist of AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) Adobe Flash / Adobe Flex, Java / JavaFX and Microsoft Silver light. New web portals, web sites, web applications increasing their user base and time on application of user by taking help of these technologies.  Now a days it become trend to have this features in our applications. All this technique are commonly known as “Rich Internet applications”.

CSSAGlobal feel proude for developing new RIA enable web applications for their global base clients.  Now a day our every site makes use of RIA Frameworks, just as Microsoft Silver light, Flash, Flex, etc… We have excellent experience and expertise with AJAX, Flex and with effective use of Open source JavaScript toolkits available. We are confident on the existing tried and tested frameworks with a great success, to effectively get the job done in limited period of time and in effective manner.

Since last few years CSSAGlobal has shown great progress toward the ability to collaborate across our development teams which has started to create more sophisticated and Rich Internet Applications. This new technologies has taken shape in CSSAGlobal primarily due to the increased support from developers.  With the help of this evecatchy RIA and tremendous will power of our Development team, we are improving our performance in Rich Internet Application Development Market.

CSSAGlobal will support you for Rich Internet Application Development Services or if you want to outsource your requirement in India; then CSSAGlobal is the right and reliable place for you. We have a list of expertise in RIA development, Flash scripting, Flex development, etc..  WE have attended a great feedback for our Rich Internet Applications Development services from our clients, across the world.  We believe Cost-effective website solutions that will support to solve your simple and complex business problems, and at the same time increasing your production and profitability. To find out more about our Rich Internet Applications, contact us at www.cssaglobal.com

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CSSAGlobal : Web development : Joomla


Are you troubled with choosing the right technology / framework for your project? Are you worried that by going with a custom coding you might land up in issues at a later date? There is a perfect solution for you without being worried any more! Joomla!
What is Joomla!

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.
Content management system

A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don’t have to.


There are several advantages if you choose Joomla as your framework and CMS – a few of them are outlined below:
Low cost of ownership – if you are looking for something simple and sweet with a good turn around time, Joomla is the choice for you and the costs will reduce drastically.
Extensive use of add-ons – Either free or paid, Joomla inherently provides the use of extensions – which are blocks of code or modules which can be easily plugged in the system. Joomla has a huge extension directly that provides almost all of it what you can think off. A full list of such extensions can be found at http://extensions.joomla.org/
Strong community base – Joomla by far has one of the largest online community of Joomla lovers, contributors and users who help in testing and validating the builds that are created.
Modular and easy to use – Joomla by virtue of its structure is extremely modular at core – making it very simple to use and basically acts like a plug and play system.
Smooth integration – Joomla integrates smoothly with other custom applications and its quite easy and time saving to customize Joomla to your needs.

CSSAGobal – Joomla services

To make best use of Joomla! one should customize Joomla! to cater to your requirements. CSSAGlobal provides end to end customization services for Joomla! Our team has expertise in developing Joomla based websites and complex web based applications and also write extensions specific to Joomla.
Joomla! templates

We provide Joomla! templates – fully customized templates with the precise look and feel that you desire to have. We not only design the job but our teams of experts are proficient in customizing the base Joomla install with your template.
Functionality tweaking.

Do you already have a Joomla! intall done –you might need professional service to tweak your Joomla! install to make it work the way you desire. Additional of specific pages or addition of forms or pieces of functionalities that are much required for your business needs. Our team has core expertise in doing this for hundreds of customers world wide and available to do this for you on a short time!
Complex functionality builds / complete Joomla! based apps.

We take pride in the fact that we specialize in creating complex functional builds and web based applications based on Joomla! as a core. So may it be a financial application or an complex ecommerce project or a social networking site with niche functionalities – CSSAGlobal has just the right expertise to get this done in a very organized, efficient and affordable fashion.
Component development / customization

Do you already have a Joomla! install ready. Looking for a particular piece of code / modules that will help you get the right results or effects? Our team of web development experts can add additional components like form builder, directory, image gallery, blog, forum, shopping cart, advertising space, newsletter subscription, feedback mechanism, and many more.
HTML to Joomla conversion.

Do you already have a HTML website that was done a long time ago. Do you feel you are paying too much to just add a form or a content page. Just about the right time to make a switch to Joomla! with a brand new interface and a powerful backend to control the content. We have helped several customers to convert their old HTML based websites into Joomla! with a powerful backend by Joomla! making their life a lot easier than it was earlier!


We have done up some terrific stuff on Joomla! and varied work right from Template design, template customization to component development etc. Our previous work done on Joomla can be looked upon at:
Lets do it!

So what are you waiting for you, if you are looking for a website OR web based application with quick turn around time and low costs – do visit us at http://www.cssaglobal.com/ or drop us an email to sales@cssaglobal.com

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CSSAGlobal : Testing and Quality

“A Good Start Is A Half Done” just like this phrase, CSSAGlobal believe better understanding of requirement. This means we can transfer your exact requirement from your words to live application that meet your need. We think and proved

Complete and Correct Requirement can help to Build and Test the application accordingly. Every Application has to go through two major Steps Development and Testing. For every Steps CSSAGlobal follow its respective life cycle.

Development for CSSAGlobal is one of the crucial stage and we have a track record to deliver a product which satisfy the customer need and meet the satisfaction. For this satisfactory need of customer only following a development life cycle is not sufficient, it need to have a Testing Life Cycle with it Hand in Hand to Develop product which meet requirement. For CSSAGlobal Testing Starts when we start gathering the requirement, our life cycle for testing is much more descriptive and vast.

For the name of Life Cycle we follow following steps and Types of Testing:

Testing and planning execution

*  Definition of test strategy

*  Development of test plans

*  Identification of test cases

*  Creation of test scripts

*  Enhancement of test coverage

*  Automation of test suites

*  Integration with existing test cases, tools and equipments

*  Maintenance of all the relevant test plans and cases

Types of Testing

*  Feature testing

*  System testing

*  Conformance testing

*  Regression testing

*  Interoperability testing

*  Performance testing

We achieve our millstone by following Standard Guideline which we have derived for better product testing. We take help from some Advance tools and technology. The type of life Cycle we choose for particular product is depend and followed upon the rigorous study of Project.

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CSSAGlobal : Business Intelligence

Before getting into Business Intelligence world, it’s good to know the meaning Of “Intelligence” word. Intelligence comes from the Latin verb intellegere,
Which means “to understand” and we believe Intelligence is a Umbrella term
Which cover various things under it, it is a descriptive. Their are several ways we can define this Word, But CSSAGlobal define this word in its own way, the
Capacities to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly and to learn. We expand this word by including creativity and knowledge.

Business Intelligence is actually an environment or Systems that provide in-depth analysis of detailed business data which Includes database and application technologies. We at CSSAGlobal deliver world class and Up to the mark business Intelligence Application. This will provide you historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies are reporting, benchmarks, text mining, and often BI support better business decision-making. Thus some time
BI system interpreted as a decision support system (DSS).

CSSAGlobal will build Software to do things for you. Dashboard’s efficiency,
Effectiveness and its extending features which presents key indicators including metrics, measurements and scorecards in a single screen. It can collect and compile information from varied sources and deliver them as if they are all extracted from one roof. This is definitely helpful especially when you’ve got a growing organization with multiple departments

Following are some highlights of heights which you can achieve when
CSSAGlobal will develop BI application for you.

  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Responsibility of the company increases towards its customers needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness Solutions
  • The utilization of resources to best of its possibility
  • Optimization of operations
  • Ability to act on market changes affect in a Positive way.

CSSAGlobal provides focused solutions / services towards catering to Business intelligence and solutions. For more inquiries regarding business
Intelligence contacts us at http://www.cssaglobal.com

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CSSAGlobal – About CSSAGlobal

CSSAGlobal is a global leader to offshore software development and Services Company from India providing premium services to its clientele across the globe. With our High end experts and well established Offshore Development Center in India CSSAGlobal have bonded ourselves to provide high end cost effective projects, products and websites. With almost 150+ dedicated PHP programmers and expertise, CSSAGlobal offers new and innovative Web services, a wide range of technology solutions from India.

Our basic competencies are setting up dedicated teams for Web Development, Web Designing and Web Portal design and development. Custom website design at CSSAGlobal does not mean creating websites that are patent in nature rather than we believe to Design, Develop and Create websites that are simply exceptional and unique. The methodology used by CSSAGlobal for software development are followed by discussion with our expert team and Clients which make it possible to design desired application with desired expectations.

Getting involve yourself in flood of web  is no long, just Contact us and Explain your requirement to us and the tasks that must be fulfilled. As soon as we know and understand your requirements, CSSAGlobal will offer you expert personalities in respective domain and project managers within a short time to “make a change” from your words to your application. Finally CSSAGlobal create a positive web presence globally and Enable faster business processes.

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CSSAGlobal: Web development Company: CSSAGlobal

CSSAGlobal is a Php Development India based company offers Php Web Development, php application development, php custom web development services with our expert php programmers to meet clients need and requirements.

“The intention of Web services is to pave the way for vision fulfillment of collaborative commerce by removing constraints to business imposed by IT in its present form …”

As a turnkey solution provider for professional web sites, content design and development, CSSAGlobal offer a complete package of solutions for affordable web design, be it a tailor-made small business website design or a high-end web site development for large firms and institutions.

CSSAGlobal is a software development and services company providing premium services to its clientelle across the globe. CSSAGlobal is quite a young company (about 2 years old now) and has been providing sofware development, web development, web design, custom application development, product development, Rich internet applications and design / multimedia services. Within a short span of 2 years, CSSAGlobal has grown to a team size of 120 from a mere 4 at inception. With an excellent blend of solid business domain understanding, technical expertise multiplied by deep knowledge of latest industry trends and technical innovations – CSSAGlobal provides a quality driven approach towards software development and provides end-to-end customized solutions catering to the requirements

Original Source – http://www.cssaglobal.com/services/web-development/


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